Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thanks for the memories, Malaysia (& Tova)

After purchasing my first rough guide/lonely planet book for Malaysia (that's right I went 5 months without ever purchasing my own tour book...oh yeah and it was from a Borders NOT a second hand book store where the pages are photocopied), I was ready to plan our jammed packed 8 day adventure starring my dear friend Tova.  What a great time we had...we packed in the city life of Kuala Lumpur, the beautiful scenery and fresh air of the Cameron Highlands, the old British colonial architecture of Penang, and the beach resort feeling of Langkawi.  As always it's an adventure trying to decipher the menu (the ultimate fusion of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay), decide transportation methods that get you from point A to B safely (clearly safely is the key word), and explaining multiple times to the locals that we are not sisters just friends (that happen to look alike with our big brown curly hair).  Special thanks to Tova for a spectacular trip (and bringing a little piece of home to Southeast Asia for me)!  

**Tova had the fancy camera so those will be up soon

Unfortunately, the rest of my Malaysia trip did not work out as swimmingly.  Yet again, I was locked out of hotels for local holidays...I really should have a local calendar handy!  So instead, I've landed back in Singapore saying a final farewell to my friends here and then I am off to Bali for my last stop before heading to the states. 


  1. Wow. The Malaysia pictures are great! How long are you in Bali?

  2.'re coming home soon!!!!!

  3. I don't know when you're actually getting back on a plane to come "home," (I can't keep track of time zones) - but YAY! We're looking forward to having you back (even if it does mean the West Coast). Have a safe flight!