Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving Day 2009

How appropriate that I would begin my first post on my first blog on this very momentous Inauguration Day. Change has been the catch phrase of the last year and who am i to not join in the fun. Join me on some of the biggest changes in my life...Moving out of NYC after 10yrs, leaving 6yrs of Lehman behind, and traveling the world with 2 backpacks (and only 3 pairs of shoes...eek!). So here it goes, hope you enjoy and I can't wait to hear what you think...

The sun was shining and I was waking up to a full studio apartment filled with boxes, garbage bags filled with clothing, and very heavy furniture for the "troops" to carry. It's good that my brother had faith that it would all fit into the 12ft truck because I was having some serious doubts (flash forward: Always trust the big brother!). As the "troops" arrived, they were greeted by a good ole box of joe and munchkins (had to bribe them to help some how). They were the best helpers I could have asked for...they carried, they arranged, they directed traffic all while I "supervised" (best job of the day). As one of the "troops" said, I did the hard part...packing. I didn't have the heart to tell her that was not nearly as hard as all the carrying they were doing. Approximately 1.5hrs and 1 casualty later (just a half of a coffee table broke but don't worry Billy Joe (one of my buildings maintenance men) to the rescue...he took a hammer and fixed it right up...most say it looks even better that way). Billy Joe played a vital role in the day's activities, he was on traffic ticket patrol so that we wouldn't get caught (as I'm giving kudos to Billy Joe you can tell he was successful in his mission!). After the truck was loaded, we said farewell to 2 of our "troops" and off to the NJ we went. As the snow started to fall and we made our way to the NJ, Mom was waiting with hot chocolate in hand and one of my favorite meals (stuffed shells) to provide us with energy. We were going to need it as we were 2 "men" down with what seemed like 2x the amount of stuff (how did that happen?!) . Although there were some difficult/interesting/"I-might-hurt-my-brother" moments, it was a success! All items successfully made it to the NJ, although it would have been more fun/not as tiring if we didn't have to carry the couch up AND down the stairs (those damn door frames will get you every time!).

Special thanks to the "TROOPS" (the BEAST, the BEEFCAKE, and Billy Joe)

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