Friday, January 30, 2009

Wise words from BBG

Some people get their horoscope from the newspaper, others receive them as daily emails, personally, I look to my good friend the bloomberg terminal to share with me some words of wisdom as I gulp down my first cup of coffee (very important) in the morning. As today was my last login to BBG, I felt especially inspired...

"Life is a risk." Diane Von Furstenberg via My Bloomberg Terminal Quote of the Day

It's almost as if Shawn (My BBG HELP contact) knew it was my last day in the office and put in a good word with the quotes people for my morning inspiration. Either way, here I am signing out of Leh systems for the final time to take on some of the biggest risks of my life so far. (wish me good luck!)

Peace out to "The Brothers" (although to most of the world this happened on 15Sept)

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