Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Angkor, Cambodge, Kampuchea...

...it's all Khmer to me. I wrapped up my Cambodia travels with a couple of days spent back in the capital city of Phnom Penh. A bit relaxing considering you are pretty much out of commission from 11am-3pm due to the exhausting heat and humidity. Spent the last couple of days reflecting and trying to plan stop. A few thoughts:

1) Food gets a check-plus in my book...I could have Fish Amok & Tofu Veggie Curry pretty much every night and be really happy...dessert was some form of potato rice patty that was sweet (don't ask me what the name of it is but it was delicious!)

2) EVERYBODY works on commission. As much as I appreciate getting the hooting and the hollering of every moto driver and tuk tuk driver...I will be hearing "Moto Lady? Madam...tuk tuk?" in my sleep for awhile.

3) Overall, I would say the people that I have interacted with have been extremely friendly and proud of their country. I often have a laundry list of questions to ask them to find out just a little more about the culture and their own personal story...and let me tell you once you get them started they love to chat!

I would like to dedicate this post to the children that are just barely surviving each day and the organizations that help. Cambodia is filled with both expats and locals trying to help improve their country. Thanks to all of you who have helped me understand the difficult times both past and present in Cambodia.




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