Wednesday, April 22, 2009


or 3.14 as my brother so fondly calls it. It's almost like I've been transported to the psychedelic era of the 60s. Pai is an incredible cross between a hippie nation and crunchy new age granola folks seeking refuge from their alternate life. Either way, I've really enjoyed my stay in a delightful bungalow type accommodation overlooking the riverfront. I spent the days scootering around the hills, caves, canyons, and waterfalls of northern Thailand. That's right...I rented a scooter (and of course they gave me the pinkest one in the shop...they clearly don't know me) and just for those who don't know they drive on the left side here. So not only did I have to worry about cows, dogs, and chickens jumped into the road I had to also drive on the "wrong" side...eek! Don't worry I survived and it was actually super fun!

Now, I'm on my way to getting dreadlocks and assorted tattoos of Bob Marley...kidding! I'm actually on my way to Laos tomorrow, taking 3 buses so that I don't get Monkey Butt on another slow boat (I really don't like those slow boats...). If you can believe it, I'll actually arrive sooner with the 3 buses than with the slow boat...gotta love SE Asia!

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  1. did I ever tell you...your blogs make me smile? I thought I would tell you. :-)