Friday, February 27, 2009

Reality Check

While I'm still having phone and photo uploading issues, I thought I would devote this post to some interesting things about this country (Vietnam):

Price Check
1.5L Water bottle -- 8000 Dong/$0.46
Large plate of tofu, mixed veggies, & rice -- 25,000 Dong/$1.43
Cute everyday purse (I was sure I needed it!) -- 50,000 Dong/$2.86

Etticate Check
1) Never settle for the first response to a question (they are usually just trying to get rid of you as soon as possible!)
2) Always smile when trying to ask for directions (along with #1 ask many people for directions as they usually don't understand you the first time anyway)
3) 2 mins & 2 hrs are basically the same thing to them (I'm still working on appreciating this quality)

Finally, one of my favorite quotes from an Australian I met about her take on Vietnam..."It's a beautiful country, but they are all f**** crazy!"

Hopefully, more pics and posts to follow in Hue. I'll be there after a 12hr bus ride...woohoo!


  1. haha -awesome!
    hey so.... you're like 50 some hours ahead of us- does that mean it's your birthday yet!??!?!
    are you celebrating your birthday on a 12 hour bus ride?

  2. Hi...In Vietnam you HAVE to try the dried jack fruit.. they sell it everywhere in bags like chips.. so yummy and amazing. And tell me you have had the Vietnamese coffee.. so good.. although being a New Yorker to may be too impatient to wait for it to percolate! Miss you and love reading about your adventures

  3. So damn hilarious. Oh, and Happy Birthday!