Sunday, February 15, 2009


After about my 20hr journey (completely missing 13Feb -- hope it wasn't that important in my life) and my bag still intacted, I arrived in Singapore around 12am 14Feb.  I was greeted by my dear friends Brian & Naoko and we quickly hopped into a cab back to their place.  Couple of things about Singapore (aside from not chewing gum):

1) Brian and I agree it definitely reminds us of Florida (color scheme is circa 1970s with pastels and all & palm trees everywhere)
2) The humidity could absolutely kill you.  When I said I wanted to get out of snowy NYC, I didn't know this was the only other option.  To be fair, there is something fabulous about the tropical air.
3) This is one of my favorite things about here.  It is the craziest melting pot you have ever seen.  You have your Chinese, Malay, Indian, & the 4th group made up of mostly Expats (Euro & American).  So having this be the situation, you can only imagine how fun communicating is.  I mean I fit right in, no one else understands anybody so everything becomes a's great!

Big shout out to my dear friends Brian & Naoko for being the best tour guides and letting me crash here for a little bit.  Off to Hanoi tomorrow on my favorite flight...6am baby!  Check out my pics from Singapore so far...


  1. Welcome to Singapore!. Sierra, Anya, and Lauren all send their love. But mostly Lauren, because the other two don't really understand what the hell's going on.

    How's the food?

  2. Glad to know you reached that side of the world safely (and that your luggage did the same). Loving the pictures and updates - keep 'em comin'

    ENJOY yourself, dahlin'!
    Love, Jessica (on Josh's profile, I guess)

  3. (Hey, I figured out how to do it on my account - check me out) :)

  4. That's awesome! We definitely need baby buddha's around the house. (no, that wasn't a euphemism)

  5. Safe trip to Viet Nam! I'm glad you managed to not get caned in Singapore.


  6. Congrats on the first leg of your adventure. The pics are great - it seems to be a beautiful city.

    Maybe the "melting pot" you saw and heard is what New York's Lower East Side was like about a hundred years ago - Chinese, German, Jewish, Italian, Irish, Russian - you know, "All-American"!

  7. how's the hair with the humidity? (yes that is the 1 question i need answered)

    ... oh, and this "name" of mine is for another blog, don't make fun Josh! Tyler Hansbrough is a stud.