Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hoi An

Well I haven't been to France (yet of course), but if I were to imagine what the old colonial towns looked like this would be it. Hoi An is packed with these little cafes serving the most delightful Banana Chocolate Pancakes (we know cause we've now tried them in almost every city we've been in so far!), little art galleries with incredible workmanship (from artists to woodcarvings to model ships), & rooftops with flowers & ivy growing all around. The temperture is stupidly hot so we figured the best way to spend the day is for a nice bike ride out to the beach. I lathered up in my SPF 50 got my long sleeves, hat, & sunglasses and off we went. As you would have to be completely insane to sit out in the sun for too long, they so generously provide little tiki umbrella things free of charge (of course you do get accosted by the touts every 5mins but when something is free in this country you take it!). The beach was followed by a delicious meal at a little cafe called Cafe Des Amies. Chef Mr. Kim asks if you want meat, seafood, or vegetarian (I opted for the last) and then he cooks up a 5 course meal with whatever is fresh in his kitchen...let me tell you it was amazing. Hoi An pretty much shuts down by 10pm which is fine with me as there is always another full day of touring coming my way tomorrow. Hoi An...C'est Magnific!


  1. So jealous! I loved Hoi An, even if I bought some of the world's ugliest bespoke shirts there.

    Also got an awesome suit and some other great clothes.

  2. Why did I not come in your backpack with you?

  3. I particularly enjoyed the view from under the umbrella.

  4. Mmmm...Banana Chocolate Pancakes. Never had them, but sounds great. Mmmm...

    Nice pics. And I agree - looks very relaxing.

    Keep 'em coming!

  5. I love the food details. especially about the chef cooking with whatever was in the kitchen. how cool!