Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sihanoukville/Bamboo Island

As if the chilling out in Kampot wasn't enough, I found myself in one of the best beach towns I've been in so far. Ah Sihanoukville, pronounced Si-nook-ville (local westerners call it snookie). It has been a great little vacation from the everyday sight seeing. The first day I was on the beach I met this girl, Eda from Sweden, who has been living here for 2 years. She taught me about the local culture, people, businesses, and the interesting stories about the children that roam the beach front trying to sell crafts all day long. As in many countries here, the parents must pay for their children to attend school so as a result lots of children do not attend school. There are a number of charity organizations that have come in after the Khmer Rouge regime fell to help with rebuilding the countries. Setting up schools for children to attend for free was one of their priorities. The countries needs a lot work but hopefully it will get there.

While Eda and I were out we bumped into her friend Kate who works for a tour group to go out to this remote island called Bamboo Island (1hr from Sihanoukville on a boat that could make anyone seasick). It was incredible. So peaceful, filled with a couple of bungalows, 1 outhouse, couple of hammocks, and a Bar/Restaurant/Reception area...that's it! At night we all went snorkeling to see the fluorescent plankton, pretty cool!


  1. love this blog happy to hear you venturing out on your own and meeting new people!

  2. read that NYTimes article and totally thought of you! Loving the PIcasa link to pics.. ope you arent spending too much of your precious time uploading all this but it means alot to us here... we can keep tabs on you and live vicariously! LOVE YOUUUU