Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hue (pronounced: Hoo-A)

From the minute we got to this city I knew I liked it. There's just something about it. It's both Asian yet European, clean yet has a mysterious side, and most of all has the most magnificent food so far. I like to consider myself a bit of a foodie so I will try to describe to my foodie friends and family about this place. The food has a simple yet very enjoyable sensation. Hue local food includes a white noodle (rather than the yellow noodle served in the north, like the kind that comes in the ramen noodles packages at home), vegetables other than just cabbage/carrots/onions (I got to see mushrooms & I love mushrooms, cucumbers & something that looked like an apple but didn't taste like it and I wasn't allergic), and last but not least they have the ice cream man that comes around morning, noon, and night! I mean what could be bad about getting morning ice cream and it being totally socially acceptable (don't worry I wait until at least after 3pm to indulge!). He scoops the white almost coconut tasting ice cream into an ice cream cone pours some sort of sugary syrup and tops it off with some fried what seems to be caramel...MMM all for 5000 Dong/$0.28! With all that said, I've really enjoyed Hue for it's slower pace yet still urban environment. The riverfront is calm and that's where all the young kids hang out and socialize (definitely beats the mall). Good times in Hue and off to Hoi An tomorrow morning...gotta get my shopping on (Hoi An is known for it's tailor made clothing)


  1. so what you're that you like the "vibe?" :-) Much appreciated for the foodie update! my mouth is watering from that ice cream description!

  2. I want some LT original incense!

  3. Hey! what's this.... I DEMAND A NEW POSTING. we want updates woman!